How to have a productive week.

Sunday is a special day. It can easily shape your week, attitudes and mood. Here is a list of things you should do this Sunday to ensure you have a productive week.

1. Prepare a planner for the meetings and other important events that will take place during the week

2. Arrange the clothes you plan to wear in a closer and more accessible section in your closet

3. Boil some of the meals that take longer to prepare (like beans) and refrigerate them so that during the week, you prepare food in a short time and eat healthy

4. Update your journal’s gratitude section. Write the things that made you happy during the previous week, what you need to improve and things you are proud of

5. Slow down. Invest some time in traditional or modern meditation . This will keep you grounded and prepare you for a good week.

6. Organize your space and let it feel warm. You get better vibes and unblock your creativity in less cluttered spaces.


Walk for 30 mins and end the day in a wholesome healthy meal. Hydrate heavily all through and set your alarm in advance. Sleep in 10 minutes earlier and you will glowing on Monday.

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    Emmanuel Muhanji

    Just might try this

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