an african child telling her african story

Welcome home😊. Today you will feel empowered and you will connect with your vibes. Have a good read. Pick any title for maximum inspiration, help, support, and African themed stories.

Dear woman…

Dear woman,
The best days are yet to come
Today may be hard, and tomorrow might turn out harder
But our good days are not behind us
Hope and faith have kept us going for many days
Giving them up now is an equivalent of throwing our dreams away

Dear woman,
You are not too young to climb the ladder
Neither are you too old to achieve those goals
You set your own standards
You decide how far your hands will reach
In you, you have the power to make a change and to be the change

Dear woman,
I hope that every day you will celebrate yourself like you have today
You will believe in your unseen miracles and
You will embrace your femininity as your greatest strength!


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