“She is ungrateful! And spiteful and unforgiving!This one even hires private investigators on me!” Solo responded to the councilor.

Tasha, seated in the other side of the couch just shook her as she stood. “Marriage is for people willing to stay in it! Solo respect the institution or just give it up. Unaongea vibaya yet I have forgiven you countless times. I’m not wasting anymore hours of my lunch with this sessions! You can only keep a man that is interested in staying.”

“Both of you calm down…” Nancy said to the couple. Tasha was already halfway across by room by then and Solo was on his phone typing something. As Tasha banged the door behind her, Solo let out a sigh of desperation and under his breath whispered, “this will never work.” They could here her wall down the hall with her heels. Loud, heavy, maybe angry.

Nancy, in attempt to cut the tension in the room asked Solo how his day had been that far. He narrated how he met a woman in distress that morning and helped her. He even described how he felt in that moment and what it meant to him that the lady had been saved by a stranger. He was bubbly telling the story. Not proud, just grateful that he had enough to share with others.

“I think we should have separate sessions for the two of you for a month. Once we have a breakthrough with that, we can all sit in the same room and figure out a way to rebuild the broken trust.” Nancy said. “I’m glad you are out there making the world a better place. If it makes you feel so good, consider starting a charity of your own.” She continued as she giggled.

In agreement, Solo asked that his new appointments be sent to his secretary and requested to leave. The wrinkles on his forehead were evidence of his stress. His palms were so sweaty they could drip at any moment . His chest tightened and he could barely see. There was a slight trembling in his body,as if a shiver.

Knowing the building well, he redirected to the bathroom attempting to do the breathing exercises he had formerly learnt. He flashed his face in water and put on hand on this abdomen and the other on his chest. It took about 3 minutes for him to break out of his panic attack. His eyes were filled with tears but he recognized this was not the place.

Rinsing his face one last time , he composed himself and finally headed out. He was a mess. There were two palm prints on his shirt and his collar was somewhat damp. He walked as quickly as he could in that moment and jumped into his car. His safe space.

“Maybe if i didn’t have all this money, I wouldn’t be losing my family.”

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