As Solo walked into his basement that morning, he knew something would be different. He was one of those sixth sense believers and on that specific day he felt something in his gut. A great pull by the universe to what was unknown to him. He was late to the gym that day.A man of discipline, order and commitment. It was unlike him to be reckless in this way. But that didn’t bother him. His date with fate kept his steps reassured and in the face of the unknown, he was brave.

It had been just a few months since he had landed a huge promotion at work. His projects were looking up, his kids-Logan and Haley- were in the best schools and his wife- Tasha- was more than pampered. They were the perfect family, in a perfect home, with perfect kids and assured futures. The cars they drove were the best in the market. Low consuming in fuel, luxurious and fast.

He stood in the far corner of the basement as he looked at all that he had acquired. “ I have made a good life for myself,” he mumbled under his breath. Jumping into his car of choice that day, a matte black Audi R8 Spyder, he ignited it and drove out. His perfectly manicured lawn ushered him out towards the main gate of his beautiful home in Kitisuru.

Solo loved to drive through Total Petrol station along Mombasa Road for their famous store, Mugg and Bean. It was his ritual to pass by for a cup of coffee everyday after hitting the gym. His office was also in the environs and it was highly convenient for him. Given that the traffic was clear, it took him about 20 minutes to drive to his favorite coffee shop in his sports car. He played jazz at a relatively low volume throughout his journey as thoughts of what his clients had in store for him on that day , flooded his mind.

On arrival, he parked at his usual spot and broke into a jog towards the store. The guard also broke into a run so as to usher him in. “Good morning mkubwa,” he replied with a salute as Solo greeted him. His end to end smile was welcoming but it also signaled that he wanted ‘chai’ as was the norm.

Solo made his order, got served and in no time found himself outside again. Only this this time, a group of five Employees stood in a small circle behind a red Demio with a short, dark, full figured lady leaning at its side. The tears in her eyes threatened to break free as they balanced weakly on her lower eye lids. In the car, was a neatly dressed school boy reading a story book .

As Solo gave the guard his tip, he asked him what was going on. The guard without wasting a second with the joy of getting his first tip of the day stumbled over his words as he said, “huyu mathe hana doh boss. Card yake imedecline na ashajaza full tank.”

Solo nodding his head in empathy, walked towards the lady and called her aside. By that time, her scarf was damp from all the crying. At first, she didn’t want to talk to the stranger in the middle of her crisis. But eventually, she moved aside and told Solo how hard thing had been when he asked.

“ My husband passed away 9 months ago and three months later, i was retrenched from the organization I had dedicated my blood and sweat to. Mtoto wangu ako class 5 and i don’t know how I’ll pay his fees anymore. My efforts to get a new job gave bore no fruits and naogopa sana i will be out on the street soon.” She said in the middle of her sobs.

Solo without waiting for anymore information called one of the staffers and offered to pay the lady’s bill. He took a business card from his wallet as well and gave to the lady saying, “ unitafute.” He wasn’t sure how he could be of help but he was sure he could find her a thing to do .

The lady fell on her knees in disbelief and said several thank yous at a time to Solo. She shook her head vigorously unable to fathom the events that had just unfolded. “Heaven sent!” She said as she got into her car, ready to take her son to school. “I will give you a call sir,” she said, “thank you my brother,” she continued.

Solo knew immediately that this was the vibe he had been picking from earlier in the morning. He sipped his coffee, sat in his car for a brief moment before firing up his engine once more.

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