Your body and your vibes.

“Be the greatest supporter of your sixth sense adventure “


In order to trust your vibes, you have to understand what they are, how they work and what it takes to keep yourself grounded.

Your sixth sense is your common sense. It is founded on awareness and it therefore requires a lot of your physical being. This is mainly focused on your body wellness.

By eating well- healthy meals, and sleeping properly you begin your journey to unlock your sixth sense. In addition to that, move your body at least 15 minutes daily. Take walks or jog to release the tension. These physical activities calm our minds and help us tackle anxiety, over thinking and haste.

Your body cannot live in corrupted energy and therefore, you have to ensure that you are not in the bondage of addictions. Begin reducing the input of drugs in order to unlock your sixth sense more easily.

A key point to remember is that your body is an honest sixth sense channel. It speaks to you and you need to start listening. When you get a physical manifestation like goosebumps or fatigue you need to listen. Understanding your body and how it tells you things about your decisions, ideas, plans etc will guide you to a stress free life.


Whenever you are in disagreement with another person try these two things.

1. Take a walk with them for about 15 minutes and realise the shift in energy

2. Do nothing. Do not make comments on the matter and do not labour in thinking too hard. Just rest for about 2 hours or sleep on it. You will have a better conclusion then.

References: Sonia C, 2005, Trust Your Vibes.

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  1. Vannessa, I always enjoy what you write! This was so beautiful

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