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Growth, comebacks and hard questions

Sometimes we thrive and sometimes we don’t. But that’s just how life is. There’s plenty of moments we are proud of and plenty others that we aren’t. But the one thing I know we dislike for sure is being dragged back into the person we no longer are.

A little something that i look at to remember growth

I find myself doing it at times too. I find myself saying things to people that I wouldn’t have liked being said back to me. I feel like at the end of the day we have to learn how to work on things that we we’re not good at and look forward to working on ourselves to become better.

However, what is the cost of not being told that you were not right to do a certain action especially if it was in your past and you feel a strong sense of reform?

How much can we control of how much people remember about us? Can we really erase the things we didn’t like about ourselves in everyone else by using reform?

Is it right for them to bring things up about us that we believe strongly we aren’t ?

I do not know the answer to that. But today I choose to begin walking a journey where I have made peace with my past. Where the things that I did do not put a shameful tag on me anymore. Where I can be a confident woman and I can live a life that I believe makes me better. I choose to apologise for the wrongs I may have done then. And for the difficulty that I may have caused. But I do not live there anymore and the past will not be a window into my present and a path to distorting the future I’m creating now.


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