How to maintain high energy

Knowing and understanding your vibes is an important step as we learnt last week. But ensuring your vibes are working well also comes into play.

A few tips on how to achieve this is by practicing how to observe without absorbing. Other peoples vibes can easily interrupt you, causing a mood shift or uncalled for anger in some cases.

The rule of “observe don’t absorb” implies that you should not put your emotions in situations where they aren’t needed. When you hear or see things that are unpleasant to you, they don’t always call for your reaction. Do not take you mind to a spot where you constantly feel a need to be on defense.

Protect your peace at all costs. Especially when in spaces where there are a lot of people like the CBD or conferences. People’s negativity is infectious and catching it is too easy. Pull yourself away from such energy by focusing on the things you set out to do and stay in your element. Think about positive things and only move towards those that your vibes, through your body say to you.

This all seems obvious and easy but I’d like you to look at yourself from the third person perspective and focus on detaching yourself from unnecessary emotion. Be the boss of your life. Train your mind and trust your vibes.

3 responses to “How to maintain high energy”

  1. Very helpful thank you💀

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  2. Emmanuel Muhanji Avatar
    Emmanuel Muhanji

    Nice how the info is straightforward💯

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  3. The tips are good. Thanks.

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