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Journeying through inconsistencies

Do you struggle with inconsistency? I do. I usually start this amazing projects and in my mind i say “this is the one”. but after a short while i drop that and move to something else. It’s a vicious cycle i have been stuck in for a while.

Noticing this in myself actually took quite some time. Initially I wasn’t accepting of the fact that I’m not as perfect as I assumed . But the biggest wake up call was when i saw the same inconsistencies in my friends and people i work with. I felt annoyed and disoriented and sometimes, disrespected.

My week has Sunday as its day one. I plan my week on Sundays, plan weekly outfits, watch t.v, and try as much as possible not to meet with people. It’s sort of a personal day.

On Monday I usually follow the details on the planner without fail. On Tuesdays its more or less a 50/50. By the time its Wednesday I’m just on auto pilot. I don’t check activities on the planner anymore. And that surely makes me feel lazy

We sometimes are causing this bad energy in our own lives by not according ourselves the respect we deserve. My planner problem is one of many that we all probably go through. Imagine a case where 20-40% of your stresses and insecurities are all self inflicted.

That’s unfortunate! Stepping up, taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable is a huge part of our character that we need to start embracing. Im not promising that all will be easy and fun. But involve someone who can ask you about the plans you set. Or create self rewards which you only get after performing tasks excellently.

I don’t know if you’ve read Rachel Hollis’ Girl wash Your Face. If you haven’t grabbed yourself a copy yet, its a bout time you did. She points out what i found to be a very important tip on a day to day basis. she wrote, “Try forming the habit of keeping the promises you make to yourself. You will feel much more productive and you’ll definitely have a higher respect for yourself.”

A take home was the fact that she related our current behavior to our future trends. If /when you start a project today, promise yourself you will follow through. but jump off the wagon before you have even pushed yourself, the next time you set a goal even your mind treats you like a joke. Your entire being knows that from past experiences, you really won’t see those plans through.

Self respect starts where we acknowledge that the effect we have on others with our actions is the same one we get from how we treat ourselves. If in January you had a plan to jog every morning and later realized you weren’t a morning person and stopped entirely, then this is your chance to pick it up where you left and start jogging in the evening.

I know how hard it is to practically apply the things we know. But its better to have it rough now and push beyond procrastination, and excuses than to live miserably for the rest of our lives. “When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse.” — Rachel Hollis

I will definitely do a follow up blog on my consistency journey. We can start together. On the comment section, write down one thing you want to be consistent with or have been consistent with. Mine is to follow my planner this week and the coming weeks to the latter.


5 responses to “Journeying through inconsistencies”

  1. I wanna be consistent with exercising frequently.


    1. Keep up with your exercise.. I’ll be checking on you often .Trust your process


  2. I want to be consistent with my school work and studies at large

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  3. I’m consistent with journalling ,but I want to be consistent with exercise

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  4. I’m consistent in journalling and I will be consistent in exercising

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